Jasmine is an incredible Osteopath who has a sound understanding of both western and eastern medicine and blends the two beautifully in her treatments. I have had all different types of practitioners work on me and I can confidently say, the treatment I had with Jasmine was one of the most healing and nurturing treatments I've had to date. I would wholeheartedly recommend her work to anyone in need.

Paige Bourassa, Paige Acupuncture NYC

Dr. Jasmine started taking care of me 3 years ago, and I am so much better for it. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in how the nervous system works together with the rest of the body, but I feel very confident in saying that she is the most caring physician and human I have ever known. Each time I get a treatment, her main concern is me, and how to get me feeling and moving better; I always leave feeling so much more open. Her passion and excitement as she’s putting my body back to the places it belongs, is something that is so amazing to witness. Without fail, every time I see Dr. Jasmine, she always treats me with the most loving and caring hands. She truly is the BEST!!

Amanda Lasser, Senior UX/Visual Designer

Dr. Constanzo began treating my neck at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) academy in 2012.   I do the art professionally and as result have suffered a fair share of injuries throughout my journey. Thankfully, Jasmine is always there to greet me with a nurturing hand and her work has helped me recover from more injuries I can count; in all the body parts from head to toes!  The experience of decreased pain and increased efficacy in my training and matches is clear for both my acute and chronic injuries.  She was able to help me finish matches over the years after acute injuries during tournaments and at the academy. 


Most recently, Dr. Jasmine was able to align my upper back, shoulders, elbows, and wrists greatly increasing my strength and range of motion before a major, international, BJJ tournament.  Over the years, we were able to improve my efficiency of motion for chronic injuries-this helped my BJJ improve with less effort.  Perhaps what is most impressive about Dr. Constanzo is her dedication to her work. She does not remain stagnant but rather improves her craft- constantly staying on the cutting edge and exchanging knowledge with some of the top experts in her field. I've personally witnessed and reaped the benefits of her process. I'm eternally thankful for the work I've had done by her and would highly recommend her work.

Jonathan Satava, Black Belt, Teacher at Marcelo Garcia Academy

It has been said “no one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Jasmine demonstrates this principle as well as any practitioner I’ve ever met--not only does she provide world class knowledge and treatment, she does so with the utmost of care, compassion, and concern for her patients.

In my athletic career (D1 lacrosse, competitive brazilian jiu-jitsu) and professional career (co-owning one of NYC’s top fitness training and rehabilitation centers) I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of highly qualified clinicians, and I would recommend Dr. Jasmine without hesitation.

Her treatments have contributed greatly to improvements in my recovery ability, joint health, and musculoskeletal alignment. Her precision and attention to detail are unparalleled. Since starting regular treatment with her, I’ve noticed a major improvement in my gait--the arches of my feet have improved (I’ve had pretty flat feet my whole life), and I feel more fluid as I walk. Dr. Constanzo seems to know exactly how to subtly (or if needed, not so subtly!) manipulate each bone or joint into optimal alignment. This has contributed to much faster recovery, both from injury as well as from the normal aches and soreness that can be associated with training brazilian jiu-jitsu. I feel more mobile, I have more energy, and I’ve been sleeping great. Thanks Dr. C!!

Jason Kapnick, Co-Founder of Catalyst SPORT

Having played football through college (and then followed it with four years of rugby), my body has what you might call “a colorful history.” Jasmine was incredibly knowledgeable about the interactions between joints, musculature, the nervous system, and the ways that asymmetries can build up in a working system over time. Whenever I get a treatment, I can feel myself moving differently, more fluidly, with a better range of motion. I had an issue with shoulder pain and mobility where my orthopedist had little better to recommend than injections and surgery. Jasmine set me right with a few gentle treatments and some short mobility exercises to practice periodically.


I particularly remember when Jasmine took a look at my baby nephew Jackson, who at the time was congested, running a mild fever, and crying frequently. After a few gentle adjustments, Jackson’s lymphatic drainage kicked in, posture loosened up, and he started to smile. I could feel from holding him in my arms that the tightness in his body had greatly reduced The cold was gone by the next morning.

Adam Flynn, writer, researcher, and proud uncle